Lost Tooth

I haven’t been this glad to see a Friday night come in a long time. The week was long though the girls had fun at VBS, so that was good (I think).

Chloe, who didn’t have a loose tooth yet, tied a knot in a Twizzler stick she was given for memorizing verses this week. When she bit down, she knocked her bottom middle tooth loose, and later on today it came out altogether. She became an instant distractor from the Bible lesson today, not to mention a hero, as she had blood and a newly loose tooth to show off. She was in pain, but not a little proud of her “achievement.”

Another highlight of the evening was tonight’s carnival, during which Craig served as “barker” for the dunking booth. Though he’s an introvert at heart, the man can talk smack when he has to, and he was in smack-talking form tonight.

Personally, my extrovert function has reached its point of saturation, and I have very little plans to leave the house next week. Stick a fork in me; I’m done.

That’s that. Here’s hoping the girls sleep in tomorrow and that it rains all day (okay, so I’m sort of kidding about that second one – maybe).

It Keeps Happening

It really does. It’s happening in a lot of really tangible ways, which is pretty exciting to see. I was just emailing a friend the other day to tell her that, though we cut our grocery budget almost in half just for the summer because of our downsized income, cool things have happened.

I was given six different mystery shops to a prominent grocery store chain here – each for $15, thereby adding $90 to our grocery budget. This is a significant number. And having it in $15 chunks has really forced me to buy what we actually need at the moment.

The first day I bought one (nice brand) frozen pizza (on sale, plus a coupon), which we ate for dinner that night and spent the rest of it on fruit since we hadn’t had fresh fruit in over a week. On the second trip, I was able to get 4 loaves of bread and 3 gallons of milk – both things we really needed.

Today, I was able to get trash bags, laundry detergent and one bag of frozen chicken. The trash bags and laundry detergent were actual immediate needs too, and things that usually bust the budget because, well, when we need them, I usually go ahead and buy them, even if it means going over budget. I don’t have to right now, because we keep getting these little daily needs met with these shops.

I’ve also received more restaurant shops than I normally get, too, which have contributed towards saving the groceries we do have for other days. I’m scratching my head here a little at the wonder of it, but I’m thankful.

We still don’t have a summer job lined up, but we’re still not worried about it. When God stops providing for us, well, then I’ll start worrying about it. Until then, we trust and are thankful. And we are still ever-mindful of those who don’t have the abundance that we do, and whose needs aren’t seeming to be met. Our hearts ache for them and we try to help as God leads.

In addition to Craig’s post, which I linked to above, he’s also updated our update-for-supporters page which is here.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. Thanks for believing with us.

Prayer Pixies

Okay, so this isn’t the best quality picture, but I couldn’t resist posting it. At the end of Vacation Bible School today, the kids were praying and I (while praying, of course) snapped this pic of Carrie and Grace:

We’re two days into the VBS week here, though my crew will be missing the last day due to leaving for our Kansas/Colorado adventure on Thursday right after the session ends. I’m happy to participate, but I’m tired, so hoping I can regain some energy before beginning the driving trek sans Craig. I should enlist the Prayer Pixies to intercede on my behalf…

My Jack Handy Moment

I was wondering the other day, had Craig and I met through some kind of internet dating service instead of in person (and I'm not saying we would or wouldn't have ever done that sort of thing, just wondering), would I have scared him off due to my consistent misuse of the comma?

8 RanDOm tHiNgs ABoUt mE

1. I’m a bad meme-er. I usually forget to follow through, but if I do, it’s usually because I’ve been tagged more than once. (This post brought to you by both Lyra and Janeen).

2. I’m an ISTJ, yet I’m choosing specifically NOT to follow the rules for this meme because I have a streak of rebellion in me.

3. According to our family scrapbook, we still live in Colorado. We moved to Missouri 2.5 years ago.

4. I like to read Stephen King books, but in very small doses (like one book every two years).

5. I also like to read Jan Karon books and was a serious Janette Oak fan in middle school. I have all her books and plan to introduce my girls to them at a similar age.

6. I dislike talking on the phone, and to this day can’t leave a coherent message on an answering machine. I stumble and blabber on and on before coming to my poorly-made point.

7. We have a complete collection of Little House on the Prairie on DVD lined neatly up right beside our complete collection of The X-Files on DVD.

8. I’m supposed to provide a store-bought pre-packaged snack for Maddie and Chloe’s baseball game tomorrow morning, but I’m too tired to go to the store for something like that, and don’t have the extra cash for it anyway. Instead I’m going to make whole-wheat banana oatmeal muffins in the morning and take my chances on the kids not eating them because they look too healthy or didn’t come in a Little Debbie’s box.

I’m supposed to tag folks right now, but see random fact #2.

The VBS Cheer

This is the week I’ve been waiting for – the VBS in which I don’t have to get to serve; the one in which I simply drop my kids off and have my mornings free to spend with Millie and do whatever it is I want to do! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. I enjoy having them home for their schooling so we get that special time together. But even I need a break sometimes. And I’ll go so far as to say they probably also need a break too, sometimes.

Anyway, so this is the week they’ve been attending VBS with another church and I’ve been drooling over all the things I would do. So why is it Thursday already, and 10:15 to boot? Where did all this precious time go? Why do I have so little to show for it?

It’s not even like I’ve been wasting time on the computer (this moment not counting). Maybe I’ve just been enjoying life in slow-mo for a few days. Whatever it is, I’m off now to do some other things I’ve had on my mental list for just this week.



I took Katie to her speech evaluation today. I had been told earlier that the school would take her for their summer program based on my recommendation alone and that the evaluation was cursory.

What we found out today is that they don’t think she needs therapy at this time. The sounds she struggles with aren’t supposed to cause concern unless they fail to emerge later (one at 6, one at 8). I had a feeling this was going to be the case. When you ask her pointed questions, “What is this? Point to that card and name _______” she can do it. She can articulate very well in that context. It is conversationally that I have trouble understanding her and conversationally speaking, her trouble didn’t translate in the evaluator’s office today.

I should be glad for this, right? Her speech is within normal parameters. We don’t have to shell out $400 this summer for therapy like we thought we were going to have to do. So why was I discouraged by the news? Because I want her to have an edge, I guess. Because I want her to have those sounds down now, not at 6 or 8. Because I’m twisted.

It’s like taking your kid to the doctor because *you know* she has a problem, but the second you walk in the door the fever drops, her cheeks are no longer red, and she’s the perfect model of health. You feel dumb for taking her in, yet there was a reason you did so. Making the call is the cure in most cases, it seems.

That happened today, though I’m not convinced. I’m glad for the evaluation, though, because I know for sure what the trouble spots are now. There were some, they just weren’t worried about them at her current age. Now that I know, I will have a better gauge for helping her myself, which, after all, is what I do for my kids as their primary teacher anyway. I feel like I have something to go on now and you better believe I will be working with her on those sounds before she gets to be 8.

Still, I can’t help wishing her scores had been just a tad bit lower so she could have entered the program. Maybe I just wanted to feel justified for taking her in in the first place…

Consider Yourself Warned, Take 2

Please be advised that when dining out and ordering a beverage, Long Island Iced Tea is not an iced tea drink at all. There is, in fact, absolutely no tea in this drink. And, if the restaurant you are dining at makes a serious mistake with your order and brings you a one-person pitcher of said drink instead of the normal glass, that it is most definitely not in your best interest to attempt to drink the entire thing. Particularly if you have the tolerance of a two-year-old.

Making this mistake could lead to a pretty significant three-second delay in your mental functioning, requiring you to hold on very tightly to your date on your way out of the restaurant in order to avoid running smack dab into the Lucky Penny vending machine in the middle of Union Station. (It will also require you to have to look up the spelling to the word penny when writing about it.)

I just wanted to make sure the rest of you knew this very important information. You know, just in case.

Tour de Librarie

Today marked the first official day of Summer Reading Programs in libraries all around St. Louis. This is a significant thing because St. Louis has so many separate libary systems. Different systems means different reading programs. The more reading programs the better the prize earnings.

I’ve had it on the calendar for more than two weeks now that today would be the day we would go all over town signing up at the various libraries, and we did just that today. We are officially signed up at four different libraries.

Of course some are better than others, and, of course, the one closest to our house has the dumbest prizes. But that didn’t deter us from signing up there too. Two of the libraries even had programs for the grown-ups. I’m almost as excited about that as I was about my 4th grade class sticker chart for making straight A’s on spelling tests, but that’s another blog post…

We’ll spend the great majority of our summer library program patronage at the Kirkwood library where they have the BEST program (and prizes) around. But our best chance of getting Cardinal’s tickets comes from the city branch so we’ll make a few trips down there as well.
I love the summer for many reasons, but the summer library reading incentives are right at the top of my list.

(And, no, I don’t want to read any articles on how bad it is to externally motivate children to read by offering them food or prizes. My kids read anyway. For us, the summer programs are simply a way to earn free stuff for doing something they already love to do. End of justification.)

Better Left Unsaid


We found the Church Sign Generator tonight and our lives will never be the same. I had a *much* better one, but, alas, Craig says it’s better left on my desktop so as not to get me in trouble with certain humor-less types…

It was darn good too.