Discoveryland USA

We’ve been in Oklahoma since Tuesday and will be returning home tomorrow. It’s been a good week. We’ve done more than our fair share of staying up too late (4 little girls x 3 nights x 12 a.m. bedtimes = really good times around here). As a result, we’ve also done more than our fair share of sleeping in in the morning (Maddie and Chloe have never slept until 9am before, but have now officially done it twice…in a row).


We’ve rested a lot, eaten yummy food, seen a fireworks show on Tuesday, went to see Oklahoma! at Discoveryland on Wednesday, gone swimming at the Owasso YMCA on Thursday, and have plans to see Ratatouille today. And that should just about do it for us, I think.
Hope you all are having an enjoyable, yet restful week as well!