Catching Up

The week before this one was “let’s have someone over every night for dinner” week. We immediately followed that up by enjoying having Craig’s parents and one of his sisters and her family here for a few days, even staying with us for part of that time. We went to the Magic House on Sunday, the zoo on Monday morning and a Cardinal’s game that night. The next day we said good-bye, did a quick turn-around on the house, and then left for Oklahoma for a few days with my parents, which I already detailed below.

We’re back now and have one night before having some friends (Craig’s college roommate and co-author plus wife and four kids) stay with us for two nights. After they leave, my sister will arrive with her three youngest and be here for a few days. And we’re looking forward to each visit very much.

But we’re also enjoying this one night in-between. It’s a chance to try to get the girls back on a regular bedtime routine and also to catch up on some things we’ve been neglecting.

In the midst of the catching up, I discovered some things I didn’t know, some good, some not so. Among the good, the school year for recording units ended on June 30. Both girls exceeded their required units by at least 50. Among the bad, Missouri Medicaid denied coverage for Millie’s hospitalization last November when she had pneumonia over Thanksgiving and we took her to the Illinois hospital. You can imagine what a week’s worth of uncovered hospital bill means.

I began our time at home pretty discouraged and became very short with everyone unjustifiably. When asked by Craig what I needed to happen, I heard myself reply, “I need to stop taking out the hospital bill on the rest of you.” Saying it out loud made me realize I was doing it. And believe it or not, I stopped.

I get tired of large bill after large bill after amazingly large bill arriving and mocking us on a weekly basis. But, as Craig reminded me, it will resolve. It may be an easy resolve, or it may take years and headaches, but eventually it will resolve. And the God who provides plastic plates for my kids knows what else we need and will continue to provide for us.

So… I will stop worrying about it and move on to the other things that need my attention much more than that stupid bill. But rest assured, if my kids ever get sick in Illinois again, we’ll be driving home for medical attention. Pronto.