Family Fun


We took the cousins to the St. Louis Science Center and everyone had a great time. Can’t you tell? Really, Millie enjoyed the visit – she just usually despises group photos and I made her get in it anyway. Like everything else, it will come out in therapy later.

Afterward, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to Ted Drewes for that famous St. Louis frozen custard. I got a concrete this time instead of a plain vanilla custard and it was way yummo, so I might be turning into a St. Louisan afterall. That, or it’s just been so long since I’ve enjoyed real ice cream that anything would have been way yummo yesterday.

We took another group photo and Millie was more accommodating this time. But then, who wouldn’t be with a face full of that yummy stuff?


Here’s baby Jane enjoying her fair share:


And me with my sister, Michelle. This picture was our third attempt in front of the Ted Drewes stand. You just can’t be too careful with these things.

Me and Michelle

We came home to discover that Craig had not only fired up the grill, but had also made hamburgers all by himself and had those and some brats all ready for us. That’s what I’m talking about. Then the kiddos had a blast in the kiddie pool, also throwing a ton of water balloons all over the place and at each other.


They left this morning and are probably home by now. We don’t do this nearly enough, but we enjoy it when we can. Thanks for coming, Michelle, Titus, Anna, and Jane! We loved being with you!



Full Balloon

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I think I turned a corner today and that’s no small thing. I’m sure it was because of the prayers of those who went before me as I’ve not done a whole lot of my own in the past couple of weeks (though I’ve offered up plenty of groaning).
It wasn’t just the medical bill that threw me off balance; there were other things, too. But I knew I was in trouble when I brought home groceries from Aldi on Sunday and saw that the ham that I just bought twenty minutes before was already bad (as in: I didn’t notice the package was spoiled when I bought it), and began crying. Crying over a package of $2.98 ham…ham that I technically could take back and replace (if I feel like driving back over to Aldi sometime soon). That sort of thing normally would irritate me, but not make me cry.

Anyway, the fog is clearing now. We enjoyed a fun day with my sister and her three youngest kiddos and gave Ted Drewes another chance (I liked it much better today than I did last year). We don’t know what the outcome of the problems will be yet, but we have hope for a good resolve.

And sometimes a little hope is everything.