Organics, Organics Everywhere (Or Are They?)

I've been noticing a lot of blog conversations springing up lately on the use and consumption of organic foods and other responsible eating choices. I'm totally interested and have been trying to do my own research on where to find Community Supported Agriculture cooperative farms in the St. Louis area. So far, I've not found much.
I sent out my question to the various e-lists I'm on and am slowly starting to get a bit of info. I'm compiling what I'm finding here for my own ease of accessing the information at a later time. If you are in the know on St. Louis area CSAs or other local organic providing farmers/stores (aside from the obvious chain stores), I'd love to know about it.
St. Louis Specific Info:
Local Harvest Grocery – according to this news article, they sell organic milk for $1 cheaper per gallon than any other place I've looked in St. Louis (and I've looked at a lot of places). I will be definitely be making the 15 minute drive to this grocery very soon.
New Roots Urban Farm – I'm not sure yet what I can do with this one, but I'm thinking about organizing a field trip to find out more. Want to come?
Three Rivers Community Farm – This one isn't exactly in St. Louis, but I don't think it's that far. They are sold out for this year, but you can join their waiting list for next year.
Tower Grove Farmer's Market – There are a lot of farmer's markets around, which I knew already. I was a bit disillusioned, though, when I went to two of them my first and second summers in St. Louis and just found vendors selling off stuff that had to leave the shelves from the regular grocery stores. That wasn't what I was looking for at all. I know not all the markets do that, so I need to give it another whirl. This one looks promising as the Three Rivers Community Farm sells their items here as well. Since I can't get in their CSA this year, I might go try some of their goods from Tower Grove instead.
These are links that are not specific to St. Louis:
Lindsey has a great series up right now on making the switch to organic eating.
Jess has no longer allowed me to stick my head in the sand (or, shall we say, sugar?) regarding corn syrup. I am reading labels again now like crazy, so thanks, Jess.
Christy always has good posts on better eating.
I've seen the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle written on very highly on many blogs lately, so I'm going to be reading it soon.
Anyone else have anything good to share?