Baseball Tickets Abound!

So, for everyone who rolled their eyes at me for signing all my girls up at all the summer reading programs in town, let it be known that they have collectively won 10 Cardinals baseball tickets for this year. (Note: This would be even more exciting if the Cardinals were playing actual baseball this year.)

In addition, Chloe won a free pass to a Cardinals Kids Baseball Clinic, in which she will get to go on the field and receive three hours of baseball instruction from (former) Cardinal players themselves!

Needless to say, they are pretty excited. Between the cheap group tickets I obtained before the season started and the free ones they’ve won, we’re talking about a lot of time in Busch Stadium this year. Free tickets you’ve won from the library or by entering a drawing at the local grocery store are the next best thing to having season tickets you paid for yourself (which will never happen in our family).

Now then, to figure out a way to encourage the Cardinals to start winning again…