This Game’s Almost Over

I had two options for today: Lincoln Park Zoo or the beach. Last night, the girls voted for the beach; this morning, they all voted to just stay in the room and watch cartoons (they are really tired).

I think it was a good decision, as I was a bit overzealous in what I thought we could do this morning before having to check-out by 12:30. As it is, we’re relaxing. We’re going to take another quick walk down the street in a little bit to get them their little Chicago souvenirs, as well as a bag of Subway sandwiches to take on the train (did you know Amtrak sells hotdogs for $3.75 – they think they are major league baseball stadiums or something).

I don’t feel the need to do “that one last Chicago thing”. We’ve experienced it, it has been fun, and I’m pretty sure we will be back at some point in time. But I’m ready to go home and prepare to return to some sense of routine.

I think we all are.


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