Why I Get Nothing Done

I made a list this morning of a bunch of things I need to do this week. Among them: reorganize the kitchen (cabinets, etc). I started messing around with stuff on my “pantry” cabinet shelf and noticed the front doors really needed to be wiped down. So I started wiping them down and noticed the floor was in need of sweeping. Sweeping the floor made me have to move a bunch of cereal boxes out of the way (I didn’t have a good storage solution for excess pantry items found on sale), which made me realize that my tall, square wire shelving thing from Target was simply inadequate for that space, and that I was sure I had a wider one around the house somewhere that would better suit the purpose. There were two in different locations that needed to be screwed together to meet my needs. To do this, though, meant taking all of them completely apart and starting over. When I was done, I had a tall rectangular unit for the kitchen and two short ones that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Remembering that our closet upstairs in the master bedroom is in serious need of help also, I took one of the short square shelves upstairs and proceeded to completely empty that closet. Doing this reminded me that I’ve been meaning to weed out clothes to freecycle. When I got the closet put back together, it made a sharp contrast to the rest of the room and so I proceeded to clean it all up including dusting under the bed. While doing this I found a bunch of hair stuff that belonged in the bathroom which led me to a trip in there where I noticed that somebody tied the sink fixtures together with yarn and, oh yeah, I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet today so I need to do that…

You get the picture.


It’s That Time of the Year Again

It's that time when I scramble to figure out what in the world we're going to do for our school "extras" this year. However, it seems the first week of August is just not the time to figure these things out – most places either want me to have contacted them by June, or they are not ready with their schedules until almost September. As if I would be ready by June or procrastinate as long as September!
I also wonder why so many people who offer these "extras" think that homeschoolers seeking these must just have excess cash to burn. My main area of interest right now is in finding art lessons. Most folks are happy to offer them – for about $14 per hour per child. I've got three kids I'd like to put in art lessons right now. That adds up to $42 per week. Ain't gonna happen.
We were able to find inexpensive ballet lessons at the public school down the street. The girls are still in St. Louis Children's Choirs and they were kind enough to extend another scholarship for us this year, though it wasn't as big as the one they gave us last year. On paper we look better this year because Craig now has a full-time job. I hope I'm not sounding like I'm complaining because I'm really glad he has a job, but we still can't pay $14 per hour per child for art lessons.
Maybe *I* ought to take art lessons and then I can come home and teach what I learned to my kids. Hmmm. That would be four for the price of one. I'm going to have to think about that some more…