This is Nice

I just got my order of books for our “do it yourself” speech therapy for Katie for this year. All of the books came with a companion CD that is basically the book on CD – I can print any of the pages I want to do with her right off my printer and not have to mess with finding a copy machine somewhere.

It would be so nice if all my homeschool books came this way!

Explain This

At dinner last night the two older girls were giggling for a bit and we finally asked them what was going on. Chloe said, “Dad, what’s a tomboy?” He smiled and said it was a girl who enjoyed doing boy-types of things. “Why?” he asked. Chloe giggled again and said, “Maddie says she’s a tomboy!” Craig shook his head and said, “Yeah, Maddie enjoys doing some of those things sometimes.”

There was a slight pause at the table while this information absorbed and then Katie said, “So, is a tomgirl a boy who likes doing girl things?”