Advice for the Future Landlord

Having been a renter now for two full years, first of an apartment and now a house, I’d like to offer this piece of advice for anyone thinking about getting into the renting business. Semi-gloss paint. It’s simple. I don’t think it costs that much more than flat paint. And if you have the potential for children to be living in your house, it’s just the smartest choice.

Flat paint attracts pencil lead, crayons, face paint, and finger smudges faster than a picnic attracts flies. White flat paint, in particular. Elbow grease will dampen the whole thing, but not really remove much of it.

Having been a home owner for five years before that, and having each room in each house painted a fun, bright color using semi-gloss paint, and having four children in various stages of toddling and wall hand-printing, I know for a fact that semi-gloss paint is easier to wipe down than flat.

It’s something to consider, that’s all. Now excuse me while I go see if Book 4 has any advice on magical cleaning solutions…