Things to Come

I keep coming up with things to write about, yet have neither had the will or the when to do so. Such topics include:

  • My trip to Nashville and Birmingham this past weekend
  • My new job
  • Intending to begin school with the girls, yet keep putting it off
  • Spending lots of time tonight making 2 week lesson plans
  • Finishing book 6 of Harry Potter and crying – Why, oh why? If I’d known before I started, I might not have read the series.
  • Daugher #2 turning 7 tomorrow

So, seeing as how I’ve got a kitchen table covered with curriculum guides, my lesson planner, the girls’ individual binders, and a bunch of other random stuff which will certainly get in the way of being able to eat breakfast here in the morning, I’m thinking I’d better not spend any more time writing. Tonight.