The Stuff of Life

I suppose having a lot of stuff you *could* write about on a blog also contributes to being too tired to put forth the effort to do so. We’ve been plugging along, beginning our fall schedule, having school time, and waiting for fall to show itself.

Tomorrow marks the first official day of school for Maddie, Chloe, and Katie. They have each had a small stint with preschool in some form or fashion, but nothing outside the home formally since then. I thought I would be fretting about this, but I actually haven’t thought about it a whole lot. The fretting came before we made THE DECISION; now it seems I’m at peace with it, which is as it should be. I spent the evening getting their backpacks in order and school boxes filled up. The next trick will be making sure Maddie and Chloe are up and going before 8:30, since that is when we need to leave.

We spent our Labor Day working, of course. We rearranged the girls’ rooms again: one is now a dormitory-style bedroom with two sets of bunks, two bookcases, and a reading chair; the other is a pretty nice playroom. They have been using the playroom a lot this week, and we’re hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off anytime soon.

In my spare time, I’ve begun (albeit slowly) my contracted-for-the-fall job for God’s World Publications. I haven’t said much on this yet as I’ve not yet carefully framed exactly what I’m doing. That might come tomorrow (Thursdays will be “work” days for me, along with Mondays, while the girls are in school). I will be working from home (mostly), supervised by the tyrannical Millie (she’s not really that tough of a boss – she just wants to watch Mickey Mouse all the time and lets you know it).

In addition to that, the remainder of my time has gone towards preparing some bulk meals for the new-to-us deep freeze Craig brought home on Saturday, as well as learning to play scrabble on Facebook (yes, I’m 33 and have never played Scrabble as an adult before this week). I got stomped on by Kristen, but our mistakes are just opportunities to learn, right? (Tell me this is right because that’s the line I’ve been feeding Maddiefor ten days now.)

That’s been the stuff of my life lately. Now I need to go to bed.