Okay, So My Job

I’m ready to come out with what I’ve alluded to doing recently. Craig and I are both working as part-time researchers for a new project of God’s World Publications called How Kids Think (read all about it by clicking the link).

Over the next few weeks, I will be posing questions over there that I need participation on – from educators of both the classroom and home variety (ie: traditional teachers and homeschool parents). There will be some nice prizes for participation (details to come), as they’re that serious about drawing you and all of your educationally- and biblically-minded friends over to help me out.

If you care about kids receiving education formed with a biblical worldview, please bookmark my new blog and spread the word. Let’s think together about how kids think.


The Blur That Was Birmingham

I meant to do this soon after the trip happened, but time got away from me. If the trip hadn’t been so fast, I would have enjoyed it more, but the time with people, though short, was good.


I haven’t spent good face-to-face time with Andi Ashworth since she and Charlie came to Colorado to do a conference Craig planned for Glen Eyrie which we both attended. That conference was small and I was privileged to spend good time with her then, back in 2004. Since then, we’ve communicated by email, with one quick visit when she was on campus last year. It was great to catch up in person with both of them, and the girls made themselves at home in their house immediately. It was a much needed respite after a goofy start to the trip.

Me and the Classical Kristen

From there we traveled to Kristen’s lovely home where meeting a blogging buddy turned out to be just as I expected it to be.

The girls also made themselves at home here and enjoyed playing with Kristen’s two cuties as well.

The Girls

From there we went to the wedding (I have a bad habit of not taking pictures at weddings – partly it’s because I forget and partly it’s because they usually don’t turn out so well). The girls took over camera duties during the reception and we got one of Craig taking a break from groomsman duties and Millie chowing on a marshmallow from one of the two chocolate fountains (note to self: small children in pink dresses with free access to two chocolate fountains is a recipe for sure disaster…).

Dapper Dad

Then Chloe took this picture which Millie jumped in on at the last minute (her aversion to group photos only applies to group photos with other children, apparently):

3/6 of Us

After that we had a great time with the Zellners where I also failed to take one single photo (What can I say? It was late when we got there and they were getting ready for church the next morning while we were getting ready to leave…). I really enjoyed the late-night chat with Susan after everyone else went to bed and so wish I’d done more of that with her when she lived two floors above me on campus.

So that was just about it – left at 9am Friday, returned around 6pm Sunday. Lots of miles, lots of people. It was a blur, but it was a nice one.