Whirled View

My brain has been taken over by How Kids Think, and each day this week I could have sworn I’d written something here, only to realize later that I’ve been spending most of my time over there. These next few weeks are going to be fairly research-heavy for me (not just here on the WWW, but in the World As We Know It).

This means that when I’m not holding conversations about what does having a biblical worldview even mean, I’m holding ones that go like this:

Millie: (Singing, about something that sounded like, “I-I-I-I have an H H H H H”)
Me: Wow, you do? That sounds really neat.
Millie: It is. I like it.
Me: Tell me more about your “H.”
Millie: My what?
Me: Your “H.” You said you have an H.
Millie: What’s an “H?”
Me: It’s what you said you had.
Millie: I have an “H?”
Me: Don’t you?
Millie: Don’t I what?
Me: Have an “H.”
Millie: No, I don’t have an “H.”
Me: What were you singing about then?
Millie: I don’t know. Are we having peanut butter for lunch?

And this is who I’m trying to figure out how to teach biblical worldview concepts to…