Griggsville Apple Festival 2007

One Cute Apple

  • Miles driven: 200
  • 4-H lemonade shake-ups downed: 16
  • Corndogs consumed: 11
  • American Legion french fry sides ordered: 10
  • Rainbow-flavored snowcones slurped: 4
  • Cheeseburgers purchased: 3
  • Place Dunham Family float won: 2nd (the dynasty ends)
  • Fried fish and butterfly porkchop sandwiches eaten: 1 each
  • Rural America entertainment (queen contest, lip sync, Macon County Line country/western band, Magnificent Mile parade) and more hometown culture than you can shake a stick at: Priceless

4 thoughts on “Griggsville Apple Festival 2007

  1. Charliam says:

    What a cute pic!! It all brings back memories from my days growing up in Griggsville. Thanks for sharing; perhaps I’ll get back there for another Apple Festival . . . . 🙂


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