So can someone out there in internet land give me the Reader’s Digest condensed version of the Federal Vision? I’d like to know basically what it is and what the two positions are (ie: why is there a disagreement about it) and I’d prefer not to have to look up any words to understand the explanation given.

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A Sprung Spring

We just completed two nights of discussion here in St. Louis on biblical worldview and education for the How Kids Think project. The groups were small (about seven each), which was a disappointment on the planning end, but on the implementation end, we realized the groups needed to be small to facilitate the kind of discussion we were hoping for. There was a good representation both nights from Christian school teachers, homeschool parents, and parents of really young kids. It was pretty amazing, really, how the groups turned out, and the input we gathered was great.

Craig and I are paying for it a bit now as we’re both introverts. Though we didn’t interact with scores of people two nights in a row, we were both “on” with people two nights in a row (we’ve agreed that tomorrow we’re “off”). I’m thinking a movie tomorrow night and no phone calls answered. Dr. Douglass called it the rubber band effect (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before) in which someone can be stretched outside of his or her personality, but to the degree therubber band is stretched one way, it will inevitably spring back to that same degree in the other direction.

Our girls have done well through all of this, even entertaining themselves in one of the Sunday School classrooms tonight for two hours (complete with video, all-you-can-eat-Goldfish, and fun toys they don’t get to play with much on Sundays). But two nights of this has been enough for them, too, and they’re ready for a return to normal, especially after our busy Apple Festival weekend in Illinois.

Days like yesterday and today usually breed family-pajama-day tomorrows. We’ll get done what we need to get done, but we’ll look like we’ve just rolled out of bed all day long. Sounds pretty good to me.