I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was trying to organize a live discussion on biblical worldview and education in Florida at a McDonald’s with a play place. The only people to show up were me, Millie, and the publisher of WORLD Magazine, Nick Eicher.

I kept apologizing to Nick for dragging him all the way to Florida to hold a meeting at McDonald’s to which nobody came. Then I woke up and realized I need a break from the project (which, by the way, right now needs input from parents who have chosen public schooling for their kids; if that’s you, would you go give your thoughts?).

I’m taking the girls to visit one of Craig’s sisters this afternoon and we will finally meet the elusive Caron tomorrow afternoon (Caron, I want to hear you sing; my friend, Lou, says you have an amazing voice). I’m taking a deep breath while preparing to say this: I WILL NOT be taking my computer, despite the fact that it has been permanently attached to both palms for the past two months. My hands might bleed a little, but I think the lesser burden they will carry will be worth it.

For the record, I AM trying to organize biblical worldview discussions in Florida (Boca Raton and Miami), but they WILL NOT be held at any form of McDonald’s (playplace or not), I will not make the publisher of WORLD Magazine come to them, and Millie will be replaced with Craig. This will all take place between October 26-29. Consider yourself invited. Your meal will be provided; transportation will not be.


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