There have been several things I’ve intended to post about over the past couple of weeks. I’ll give you the quick version here.

So two weeks ago, the girls and I went to visit Craig‘s youngest sister (hi, Jill!) and her family in Illinois. The girls and I have never been to their place in the whole time we’ve lived here, so that was a situation we intended to remedy. We had a great visit and the girls loved hanging out with their cousins overnight.

On that same trip, we met Caron and her family; I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard as during our conversation that afternoon. Katie asked later when we could go back to play with her new best friend. Super fun.

The girls and I have been to several educational music functions this fall which have all been neat-o. We got to hear jazz musicians last week.

I’ve never really felt like I could officially call St. Louis “home,” but I am really liking living here. I could see it becoming home at some point in the future. I’m not sure what will bring about that transition for me other than maybe being allowed to paint the walls blue, orange, pink, red, green, etc.

We’ve been communicating with Compassion as to how we can continue to support the family Sakulu lived with by supporting another child who lives with them. It kind of feels traitorous, though that is dumb thinking. I had this problem with the movie Return to Me – the new relationship wouldn’t have existed if the wife hadn’t died, which makes the new one bittersweet. I feel sort of like that at this point, like, “Should I be excited about supporting a new child? This wouldn’t have come about if Sakulu hadn’t died. Am I not remaining true to Sakulu?” Twisted thinking.

Our friend Jenny from Colorado came to see us last week. Jenny is like family for us; she lived with us for several months right when Katie was born. We impressed her by taking her to the Delta Dental Health Theatre, complete with giant teeth and puppet show; I also showed her how to drive the wrong way on one-way streets in St. Louis. We also experienced driving over to Illinois in search of 1st Street (which, incidentally, is really still in Missouri). We enjoyed the visit with Jenny very much and hope we can work that out again sooner rather than later.

Maddie and Chloe had their first fall concert with the St. Louis Children’s Choir and we all survived. The choirs have a tradition of singing a song called “We Gather Here Together” at the end of every performance. Before we walked in, Katie was practicing on their behalf and sang, “We Gather Here Forever.” It was quite humorous, if not accurate.

We had a headmaster dinner discussion here in St. Louis on Monday night. In attendance were me, Craig, Nick, and one lone headmaster who arrived 30 minutes late. We had five scheduled and ended up with one. Tonight we have 10 scheduled, so we’re hoping they all come. Still, conversation with one is conversation with one; we felt badly for him, though, as it was rather like an inquisition.

Friday night, Craig and I fly to Florida and leave our girls in capable hands until late Monday night. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t really leave my kids that well. This will be the longest stint we’ve been away from them. I know they will be fine, but I don’t like leaving them. I wish they could come with us.

Maddie had a tooth filling today plus four sealants applied to her teeth. Chloe had two sealants. In two weeks Maddie has to have two teeth pulled because she has permanent teeth doing weird things under her gums. They need to pull the baby teeth out and hope the adult teeth start acting like properly behaved adult teeth. She’s nervous and I don’t blame her. She was a champ today, though, and handled the situation like a pro.

Now then, that about does it. I can start over from scratch here with a report on what goofy thing will inevitably happen to me and Craig as we take a trip this weekend. Something always does…