Happy Detox Day


My “Mom With Her Act Together” costume fell apart approximately five minutes after we left the house yesterday morning. We were on our way to a place I *should* be able to get to blindfolded, but I got distracted and missed the turn (which is a very major street). Instead of logically turning around and going back to that very major street, I decided to use my lack of instincts to get us lost get us there another way.

Because I’m all directionally savvy like that.

The girls had fun and we met our goal of trucking in a complete grocery budget’s worth of HFCS-laden items. I’ve learned I’m better at helping them budget their own intake of the stuff than I am at doing so myself.

Last night we took dinner to the Allens and the family they are living with right now. Here are the girls with baby Amelia, beautiful in her pink princess costume. She is such a precious baby. She still really needs our prayers.