Putting the “Sub” in “Sub-Culture”

I so wish I could convey to everyone I’m hearing from as part of our How Kids Think surveys that things aren’t “Christian,” people are. So many parents seem so very afraid of interacting with anything that doesn’t have a Christian label on it.

For instance, to make his/her point about why offering a movie review with a discussion question supplement would be a bad idea, one parent asked, “If Christ were here on Earth today, could you recommend any [movies] to Him?”

First things first: I don’t think there is anything I could recommend to Christ, but I’m absolutely certain there are aspects of our culture He would recommend to me – even ones without a Christian label on them.

I’m not afraid of things labeled “Christian,” but so much of life just isn’t labeled that way. Do we only shop at Christian grocery stores, eat at Christian restaurants, buy our clothes from Christian shopping malls, or fill up our cars at Christian gas stations?

Do I think Jesus would watch honest movies on the big screen depicting real life, and then interact with others about them? Absolutely.

Do I think he would be found in church basements playing sanitized versions of PS2 games with his youth group buddies? Not so much.