I Understand

We have lots of pumpkin bread right now. I made four loaves last night and only one got eaten (out of the two that we took) today at the school feast, which means we had pumkin bread for breakfast yesterday and will continue to have it for breakfast for the next four months days.

This morning, I had some sliced pieces on the counter next to the butter and it sat there for, oh all morning. I was working on something upstairs and Millie was watching a movie downstairs (at least I thought she was).

When I came down, I saw four pieces of bread in a row on the counter, covered in what appeared to be a 1/4″ thick layer of butter and the remaining butter in the dish had finger impressions in it.
I looked at her. She looked at me. I said, “Millie, why did you do that with the butter?” Her eyes got big and she said, “I don’t know. I couldn’t help it.”

Gotta give points for honesty. I understand, Millie. I understand.


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