Kitschy Kitschy Christmas

December 1

I needed a new project, so decided to participate in Rebecca’s December Photo Project 2007.

Tonight I took the girls (in their jammies) to what I thought was going to be a drive-through nativity at a local church. When we got there, I realized it was an indoor display of donated-for-this-event nativity collections.

We went in anyway (did I mention the girls were in their jammies?). Some of the nativity scenes were kitschy, some were cool, most were traditional, but all together they were pretty neat to see. The girls were given scavenger hunt lists for various things to find, and they trouped around the church (in their jammies) while everyone else (in their nice church clothes) probably wondered what kind of mother…?

Anyway, the weird moment of the night, was finding the scavenger item of a live goldfish in one of the nativities. We found what was supposed to be the live goldfish…floating belly up. Nice.
I took this photo on the way out. It was the only outdoor display and I have a weird thing for funny, plastic outdoor nativity scenes. My favorite is in Pittsfield, IL, where every year the Holy Family gets perched on an oversized tractor tire. I’ll dig up my picture of that and post it sometime soon.


I’m Projecting

Project due Monday night; working like a crazy fool today, knowing my mind is on the fritz when I actually labeled three categories within our report this way: Education, Either/Or; Education, Kickin’ It Old School; and Education for my Home Boy (and Girl).

I have a feeling my editor is going to have a thing or three to say about that, but it won’t be until after the Missouri/Oklahoma game tonight. After clocking 10 hours on the project himself today, he is officially on a football break.