Cheese Ball

Say Cheese

Say Cheese! – Leftover cheeseball from last night’s meeting. We’ve eaten it for both lunch and dinner (ahem). I also had cookies leftover, but at least had the foresight to take them to the kids’ art class today and get rid of them pronto.

Because I am the ultimate cheeseball, I  gave  our Christmas card photo and some votive candles I made last year and were (amazingly) already packaged up to the guys to take home to their wives. Now who in the world gives girly gifts to a group of men? Someone who had only four hours of sleep the night before and was in desperate need of doing something Christmassy since she has heretofore not been able to I guess.

Now then, could someone come over here and put this cheeseball out of its misery so I’ll start eating something else for meals?


2 thoughts on “Cheese Ball

  1. martha10 says:

    it’s so funny. i never tasted…maybe even SAW a cheese ball until i was well into adulthood. they are ok, but not a huge part of my food choices for christmas. but what do i know. i’m the oddball that goes to cracker barrel and orders grilled catfish:) i guess i’m not southern enough:) just please don’t tell my mom (impossible now) who was born and bred in VA. m


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