I’m Doing It Again

Roaming. It’s 11:52 pm and I couldn’t fall asleep. For some weird reason I continue to think about the project. And think, and think, and think, and think. And I’m still nervous about it. I don’t know why.

So here I am, mindlessly surfing. Because it’s too late to do anything productive in the house and too cold to get out from under the blanket from which I’m currently placed. What I want to do is shut my brain off and go to sleep.

Instead I’ll share something hilarious to me that won’t really be to anyone else because I can. We have an ancient game of Boggle (left over from my own game stash as a kid). The girls have never played with it the real way because the real way is hard for young kids and I’ve never taught them how. But they love the letter cubes and spend a lot of time making up words with them.

One of them had it in the van today and was doing just that and I said something like, “I should probably teach you how to play it the real way sometime soon.” Chloe asked why I hadn’t done it before and I said that it was because she was so young and I thought she should be older before she’d get it. She took on a tone of exasperation and said, “Mo-o-o-ommmmmm, I’m only 7 years away from 14 and that’s pretty old.”

Made me laugh, that.


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