The Visual Quiet Time

Craig periodically shows the Visual Bible in his New Testament class. Today I present you with the Visual Quiet Time:

My Visual Quiet Time

I’ve never claimed to be able to draw. I do claim, though, to need to draw. I’m a visual learner. I used to draw little application type pictures in my quiet time journal all the time, but haven’t done it in years. Like 12 years. I thought it was time to crack open the crayons today and do it again.

I had the girls do it too – read in their Bibles and illustrate what they learned. Here’s Katie’s version of Adam and Eve:

K5's Rendition of Adam and Eve



Jesse Tree

We had to catch up on some missed nights in our little Advent routine tonight. By missed, I mean we missed four nights of the Nativity calendar, four nights of another thing we do that marks the true reason for Christmas, and all ten nights of the Jesse Tree. We were that behind.

Part of my problem was not knowing where to put all the little things I’ve collected and/or made in years past to illustrate the Jesse Tree. I figured it out tonight by just putting the poster on the table and placing all the things on each spot as we went around and read everything. It worked tonight, but could be a bit of a troublesome hassle to have to do that every night. I’ll figure something out.

Anyway, the point of this whole post is the poster. I had another version of this that came with our God’s World News subscription several years ago. That poster traveled to about three homes in two states over four years and it was pretty raggedy. So I was really excited that we got an exact duplicate with our subscription this year. I had it laminated so that it wouldn’t suffer the same fate as our first. I’m pretty happy with the results.

And now we’re officially caught up on Advent. For today, at least.