December Disappointments

I've Got Your Christmas Spirit Right Here

In the category of “I No Longer Give a Flying Flip,” I offer this picture of my kitchen table, taken exactly 45 seconds ago.

This is what happens when you’ve had three kids throwing up for 16 of the past 24 hours, a homeschool Christmas party on Friday that prevented you from completing any school work due on Monday, and one non-sick kid who really wanted to make a gingerbread house. Today.

We crammed in a bunch of school tonight because a) I’m mean like that; and b) I really want to be able to take off school early this week (as in being done Wednesday). Promptly after reading 30 minutes of science books to Maddie and Chloe and completing 10 of their activity page questions, Chloe, who hadn’t thrown up in 6 hours, went back for another round, and then Maddie developed a low-grade fever.

What this means is that I crammed school in with them tonight for no particular reason, because they won’t be going to school tomorrow.

I’m still debating whether or not to clear off the table.