Time for Holiday

Rejoice with me! The girls and I worked our tails off the past 2.5 days and have finished up all our school work for the week, as well as caught up from where we were behind. The girls actually have one small project they are working on for tomorrow (building a “space craft” out of recycled materials), but they are doing that while watching a movie I just spontaneously started because…WE’RE DONE!! WE’RE DONE!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!

I’m currently not harboring any ill-will towards the school for over-scheduling us for the year (that will come again in February, though, I’m sure). For now, I’m happy to be done, and I’m actually pretty happy to be on target (usually at this point in the year I’m on target to finish in late June). Right now we’re on track to finish mid-May, so I need to remember that when I’m complaining about not taking any breaks.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I’d like to do right now, but I promised the girls if they finished strong today, we’d go party at The Magic House. They are pumped and I need a shower, so later gator(s).

Happy Christmas break everyone!


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