Maybe I Am Crazy

I went to Walmart on Tuesday night about 9 pm. I made my selections and got in line (can someone tell me why Walmart even bothers having 20 check-out lanes when they never EVER have more than 6 open at any given time?).

I didn’t think too critically about the contents of my cart until the check-out lady looked at me like I was nutso. I suddenly felt defensive and quickly explained, “No, I’m not crazy. I have four girls and needed some things for their stockings. Also, I’m hosting the Kindergartener’s class Christmas party on Thursday. Four days after Christmas, my oldest daughter turns 9 and two days after that we decided to have a family New Year’s Eve celebration for just the girls because we’ve never allowed them to stay up that late before and we thought it would be a fun experience.”

Her look didn’t change, if anything it got funnier. I shrugged and said, “Well, actually, maybe I am crazy…