Maybe I Am Crazy

I went to Walmart on Tuesday night about 9 pm. I made my selections and got in line (can someone tell me why Walmart even bothers having 20 check-out lanes when they never EVER have more than 6 open at any given time?).

I didn’t think too critically about the contents of my cart until the check-out lady looked at me like I was nutso. I suddenly felt defensive and quickly explained, “No, I’m not crazy. I have four girls and needed some things for their stockings. Also, I’m hosting the Kindergartener’s class Christmas party on Thursday. Four days after Christmas, my oldest daughter turns 9 and two days after that we decided to have a family New Year’s Eve celebration for just the girls because we’ve never allowed them to stay up that late before and we thought it would be a fun experience.”

Her look didn’t change, if anything it got funnier. I shrugged and said, “Well, actually, maybe I am crazy…


2 thoughts on “Maybe I Am Crazy

  1. martha10 says:

    ha! now i AM curious. what was so riveting in your basket, that it caught the check-out lady’s attention? i’ve rarely seen them even notice anything i was buying. i can’t imagine what would be so odd or strange in your purchase to attract her attention:)
    one thing is for sure, i seriously doubt that YOU are crazy. m


  2. Shootin' It Straight says:

    I too am curious as to what in the world was in your basket…
    I also wondered aloud while standing in line one day why they have so many empty checkouts and the cashier’s reply was, “The managers’ bonuses are based on labor. So they figure since everyone comes in like cattle and waits in line, well then extra cashiers would be ‘wasted labor’ as long as ya’ll keep coming back.” Hmmm…interesting. Just thought I’d pass that one on. Have a fabulous holiday season.


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