Homeschool Update

We started back this week and it’s been a good one. I’ve managed to make an actual cooked breakfast two mornings in a row, read the Bible to the girls at the table, kept them off the computer all morning, started chores, and began real schooling by 9 each day. This is a pretty major feat around here. Here’s our update, by subject:

Language Arts: Maddie learned about “hyperbole” this week (as if we needed anymore hyper anything around here). After getting the pronunciation down, she showed me a list of examples she came up with. My favorite? “That movie is so old it was narrated by Adam.” Get it? I thought that was pretty clever of her.

Math: I taught the girls how to play real Monopoly this week. Be gone, boring JV Squad Monopoly! Chloe is begging anyone and everyone to play with her and is getting a crash course in three digit subtraction. “No, if she owes $280 and she gave you $500, then she gets $220 back, not $320.” I like this way of doing math.

Science: Katie and I read several pages in one of our science books today and answered a lot of activity questions about birds. We read about 8 pages (all about birds), and answered about 6 questions (all about birds). As I was turning to the last page, she said, “So, I guess we’re learning about birds today, huh?” And the Captain Obvious Badge of the Day goes to…

Our Sweet Wild Card

We’ve really had a pretty relaxing day and I’m liking it. Crossing my fingers for the rest of the semester.


Laundry Wins

I laugh every time I post about something that seems so goofy as my laundry and get more comments than when I post something that took a lot of thought and get one. Or none. It just cracks me up.

So I just thought I’d check in today to say that I’m still on top of the laundry. I need to iron, though. Still haven’t plugged that one in my list because I would give it a priority of like 37 and it wouldn’t even show up then, so why bother?

We did re-implement the morning and evening chore routines with the girls though, and I’ve been amazed (really) by how tidy the downstairs has been for the past couple of weeks as well. Craig walked through tonight and commented on how clean the downstairs was (emphasis here on the downstairs). I began to agree with him, but then saw my desk again and said, “Well, most of the downstairs, anyway.”
We then offered up a moment of silence before what is commonly referred to as The Black Hole by pretty much everyone in the family. Lost a book? Check The Black Hole. Can’t find that form you needed for something? Probably lost in The Black Hole. One can’t perfect everything at once, you see. We actually finally figured out my superhero name: I’m The Piler. No flat surface is safe around me (or maybe I’m not a superhero after all, but an evil villain – I don’t like that as much.)

So score two for the family systems organizer and one for The Piler. Now I need to score one for going to sleep on time.