Hope for Resolution

In December, our girls sang this song, Hope for Resolution, with about 6 other children and the adult choir at our church. It ended up being better than I expected. It was a tricky song for a children’s choir two months in the making. Each week I sat in on the practices (I was crowd control) and would gather up music and such. I kept thinking it was funny to say things like, “Here’s your hope for resolution,” and “I can’t find the hope for resolution,” and “This church has absolutely no hope for resolution!” You know, really clever stuff like that.

Anyway, I almost hesitate to post this, but remember my mid-summer balloon popping leak that took me the closest I’ve ever been to a really depressed state? I went to the hospital over Thanksgiving to once again try to resolve things, but nothing happened. I waited until after Christmas to try again. I called (I’m sure they were tired of hearing from me as I’ve called numerous times since the disastrous bill came in the mail) and was informed that the hospital was in the process of writing the whole thing off.

What? Can you say that again? Ummm, thanks? And, can I get that in writing, pretty please?
So that’s where things stand as of now. I got a paper in the mail this week to sign and send back so they can initiate the write-off procedure. I’ll give them two weeks and call again to see about getting a zero-balance bill from them. I want to have a written statement proving we no longer owe the hospital 7K.

So while we’re not completely resolved yet, we certainly have hope for resolution, which is more than we’ve had for the past 6 months. And I am so very thankful.