So. Very. Tired.

This homemaking thing is much harder than it looks. Sitting around watching Oprah and eating chocolate cookies all day is just completely draining.

As if.

In all truth, it was one of our better weeks. We’ve been on top of our routine game all joking week. The house has stayed in relative order all week, quiet times had every day, school gone as planned each day, check lists created and appropriately checked off ala Jill (Craig’s sister, the checklist queen), some furniture schlepped around, a couple of rooms reorganized, meals planned, shopped for ahead of time, and prepared as planned every day.

And here it is, 7:35 on a Friday night and I’m completely exhausted. It’s our weekly family movie night and I’ve abandoned everyone to both be alone and avoid watching Denis the Menace (which, yes, I choose for them and, yes, bailed on them, making Craig sit through it without me).

Tomorrow will once again see some fairly serious cooking for our Sabbath meal (which, incidentally, Craig invited all of his ethics students to join us for sometime this semester – we have 5 joining us in two weeks!), but after that, I’m all about bubble baths and books and sleep (and worship) for the next 24 hours. Oh, 5:00 Saturday night, I’m ready for you.


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