Little Friend, Big Friend

We’re going to visit our friends, the Eubanks, tomorrow. The Eubanks were our first real connection to St. Louis and, interestingly enough, we “met” right here in blogworld. Ed received a pastoral call in October and, where they once lived three houses down the street, they now live about 5 hours away.

In keeping with our desire to be more live-people oriented this year (as well as the fact that I’m not nearly as busy as I was in the fall), we asked them if we could visit them in their new home and church this weekend. The girls are excited. The last time we interacted with them in person was the week this photo was taken, in which you can see our Chloe and their Molly walking together at the zoo.

We haven’t packed yet, but that’s okay (I’m a fast packer). We’re looking forward to seeing you all really soon!