Photo Fun

In November when the Nav conference came to town, we all went to hang out at the convention center and see old friends. While there we met a new one. Janet is a photographer in Chicago and was looking for sisters to photograph for a photo book she’s working on (on sisters – see, it all makes sense!). She asked if I would mind bringing my girls back the next day for a photo session and I was all – what, free photo session by a professional? How fast can we secure this thing?

We had fun with Janet and even managed to convince Millie to participate (she smiled in most of the pictures and frowned in few). I have what I wanted to use for the girls’ annual “school” photo (which just means a nice single shot of each girl to mark their look and growth for that year and not at all to be excused for what typically passes as a school photo).

At the end of the session of the sisters, I managed to sneak in a couple as well. My favorite? Right here:

The Sorority

Thanks, Janet. We enjoyed our time with you and appreciated the photos you sent us and are looking forward to seeing the book when it is completed!