Oh Yes, I Am College-Educated

We had to say goodbye to our art teacher a couple of weeks ago; he was giving us a great deal on art classes, but we still couldn’t afford him anymore. This is just the way it goes with four kids: great deal x 4 = too much. Couple this with our weekly walk through the local public elementary school for ballet lessons (the whole year already got paid for last fall, so we don’t have to drop that until after the school year), and the need became obvious.

During said weekly walk, we go through the hall where the teachers display all the cool art work the kids do. This walk makes me second-guess homeschooling every week because that’s what my kids are missing out on – the cool art work that gets hung up in a hall along with everyone else’s in a sort of gallery.

Last week after my weekly walk of doubt, it occurred to me that, hey, I remember getting a college degree in Early Childhood Education! I remember taking several classes on (get this) teaching art to children! I think they probably make elementary school art curriculum books for people JUST LIKE ME!

So I went to the mothership of the Internet and found this: Complete Art Curriculum Activities: 150 Easy-To-Use Art Lessons in 8 Exciting Creative Media for Grades 1-8

We did the first lesson today and I was really pleased with how things went. The girls were super- pumped that I added my own art lesson into the mix today, and we simply pinned their pictures up on the quilt I have hanging on the wall behind their school desks. Today’s activity was “self portraits:”

Self-Portrait Gallery

Not to be outdone, I spent some time being artsy today, too. I made some of the cool verse packs I mentioned the other day:

Dotted Verse Packs

I got about 20 done today and have 30 more to do for this first order.

Verse Packs

We’re enjoying being at home today, taking things slowly, getting things done. I love not having to go anywhere! Now back to my life as a stay at home mom who also homeschools and sometimes sews…


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