On Half Pints and Football

We didn’t think we were going to watch the Super Bowl today because Fox isn’t a network that comes in very well (at all) through our rabbit ears. Right around kick off, I heard Craig say something about rain and reception and he ran downstairs and began fiddling with the antenna.
Five minutes later, I heard him exclaim, “I got it!” and when I came down, I saw just how he “got” it: he was holding the antenna in his hands midway up in the air. He said, “Now, if we rotate who holds this for the next four hours we should be able to watch the game.”


I suggested tin foil instead. That sort of worked (at least to the point where we could suspend the antenna, with its new aluminum head-gear from the shelf where it normally sits) and, while fuzzy, we could still see the game.

My professional opinion? The commercials were totally lame. I usually tinker around doing other things during the Super Bowl and rush in in time for all the commercials. I came in for one tonight and said, “I came back in here for this? Boo.”

During the halftime show, the girls overheard Tom Petty singing “American Girl” and got all excited because, hey, they like American Girl stuff, too. They thought it was pretty cool he was singing about one of their favorite toys, but that was about the extent of their excitement toward all things football.

That and my last-minute party food included a bunch of random stuff I pulled out of the freezer ten minutes after the game started and let them eat buffet-style all night long. E4 made a point to ask me if she could choose her own dinner and secure my permission before loading up her plate with tortilla chips and the Whole Foods version of Ritz crackers. I think that’s all she ate tonight. Oh, that and M&M’s.

Anyway, I got a lot of sewing done and am rather ambivalent to the whole Super Bowl thing in general. Craig said something about an upset and that he was glad about it. Okay. That sounds good, too.