What 37 and 6 Have in Common

Craig turns 37

February 5 marks the end of the Dunham family birthday season with both Craig and Katie sharing the day. This always works out well because Craig typically hates celebrating his birthday and is happy to give the attention to Katie.

So, when I got the brainstorm tonight to make giant cookies for each of his classes, he hesitated. It’s weird to bring in your own food celebration, you know? I offered to bring them to school on his behalf, but he’s going to go ahead and take them when he goes. This is a big step for us!
I made another one of these for Katie to take to her YMCA homeschool swim and gym class tomorrow afternoon. She also gets to kick-start her birthday by having a well-check at the doctor. She’s totally not looking forward to that.

The actual friend party is on Friday, so we’ll stretch this last family birthday out as long as we possibly can. Until then, tomorrow will be celebrated as much as possible. Happy Birthday, Craig and Katie!