Necessity is the Mother of Completion

Or otherwise entitled, “Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart Out.”

Last week, the strap on my purse broke. This is a major frustration for me because I’m not a gal with lots of bags to choose from; I only have one and when something happens to it, I’m toast. Lucky me it’s winter, which means I’ve been able to stuff things I need in my coat pockets, but this is not at all conducive to organized living (and I need all the help I can get).

So yesterday, I figured it was time I made the purse I bought fabric for 18 months ago. I guess I was waiting until I absolutely needed it. I finished it today and am really happy with it. I might make another one for the fall (but not until the fall, of course).

My New Purse

Here is the inside (because insides matter):

Okay, next on the list for today was to come up with a party treat bag for tomorrow night’s Almost-a-Sleepover birthday party for Katie. Here’s the finished project:

Party Treat Bags

But wait! There’s a double surprise with the treat bags if they add a pack of tissue:

Doll Pillow

The treat bags magically turn into a doll pillowcase:

Doll Pillow

And the doll we tried it out on tonight seemed to really appreciate it, which is always nice.

Molly on Her New Pillow

Moving on to the kitchen, I made a double batch of cupcakes today. These aren’t frosted yet, because I haven’t made the frosting yet, but it’s only 9:30. I’ve got plenty of time still, and these cupcakes don’t really need frosting. They are so yummy we (meaning me), keep sneaking back into the kitchen for just one more. I must stop this immediately.


They will look better tomorrow when they are appropriately clothed and displayed on a decorated table in time for a bunch of 6-year-olds to devour greatly admire them.

I’ve rearranged the living room to maximize space for tomorrow night. Now I just need to figure out what we’re all going to do together for four hours, so I probably should sign off and go do that. Night!