I’m in a season of sewing right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve just completed project after project after project, and it feels really great to be doing that again (both the completing as well as the creating). However, it is very evident why this particular aspect of my life comes in seasons – as with other seasons, I neglect other needed things to complete the task(s) at hand.
This manifests itself in big ways (letting Millie get too much movie time) and insignificant ways (having nothing more noteworthy to write here than that after almost three years of living in the Midwest, I finally, out of sheer curiosity, took the girls to a White Castle today for an after school snack; I will not tell you how much I really liked those goofy, greasy little cheeseburgers because that would make me seem like I don’t really care about whole foods and health and such, but then everyone already knows I have a serious weakness for French fries…but there, I’ve gotten off track again).

I keep intending to do some cleaning but get side-tracked by a purse or a pillow or some verse packs (by the way, Sheri, I should have enough to fill your request by now – I’ll try to remember to package them up tomorrow; also, for the rest of you, I’ve updated the verse packs page with new options – I’m a sewing machine (*groan*)).

I’ve loved the fabrics I’ve been working with so much that I decided to try hand quilting with the scraps. My rationale in the past has always been, why hand sew when machine sewing is so much faster and more sturdy? My rationale now for trying it is that I can sew socially (as in while watching a movie with my family) with hand sewing, while machine sewing is a mostly solitary endeavor. Anyway, I’ve gotten off track again.

And that’s the way it goes around here – I keep getting off-track. I walk into a room and begin putting things away and inevitably pick up something that reminds me of sewing and there I go again. Part of me wants to keep this going because I know that when I stop, it will be for like six months or something, but the other part of me reminds me that I still have to prepare meals for my family and they still need clothes hanging in their closets and, oh yes, we do still homeschool three days each week and I need to oversee that as well.

So all that to say I’m in a season right now – a season of sewing. I’ll write something again sometime, but until then I’ve got some fabric to cut.