Lunar Eclipse, Half Pint Style

We watched the lunar eclipse with the girls tonight. In case you missed it, here is a visual of the show (it’s very scientific and stuff, so prepare to be amazed).
Here’s Mr. Moon at approximately 8:00 pm:


Here are my crazy kids, freezing on the driveway at approximately 8:02 pm:


Here’s everyone taking a hot chocolate break at approximately 8:12 pm:

Hot Chocolate Break, 8:10pm

Here’s everyone taking a halftime crash course in lunar eclipses via Google:

Learning About Lunar Eclipes from Inside

Here’s Maddie trying drawing it all out:

More Visual Rendering

Here’s Mr. Moon at approximately 8:33 pm:


Here’s they are again, freezing on the driveway (they’re so cold they’re delirious):

Crazy and Cold Kiddos

Here’s Mr. Moon acting like a bowling ball (he is also delirious):

Bowling Moon

Mr. Moon at approximately 8:52 pm:


Bye-bye, Mr. Moon., 9:00 pm:

00pm Done

We hauled in the sleeping bags and Craig put the girls to bed.

My nose is still freezing.