Isn’t It Ironic?

It’s like a snow dayyyyyy, when you’ve already left.

I just got a call from Westminster informing me that due to inclement weather school has been cancelled. Craig left three minutes ago and we have no cell phone. Drat. And now on top of it I have that Alanis Morrisette song stuck in my head.

Think I might go back to bed.

Lunar Eclipse, Half Pint Style

We watched the lunar eclipse with the girls tonight. In case you missed it, here is a visual of the show (it’s very scientific and stuff, so prepare to be amazed).
Here’s Mr. Moon at approximately 8:00 pm:


Here are my crazy kids, freezing on the driveway at approximately 8:02 pm:


Here’s everyone taking a hot chocolate break at approximately 8:12 pm:

Hot Chocolate Break, 8:10pm

Here’s everyone taking a halftime crash course in lunar eclipses via Google:

Learning About Lunar Eclipes from Inside

Here’s Maddie trying drawing it all out:

More Visual Rendering

Here’s Mr. Moon at approximately 8:33 pm:


Here’s they are again, freezing on the driveway (they’re so cold they’re delirious):

Crazy and Cold Kiddos

Here’s Mr. Moon acting like a bowling ball (he is also delirious):

Bowling Moon

Mr. Moon at approximately 8:52 pm:


Bye-bye, Mr. Moon., 9:00 pm:

00pm Done

We hauled in the sleeping bags and Craig put the girls to bed.

My nose is still freezing.