2nd Saturday

We’re on our second snow day in a row. The girls made the observation that it is like having three Saturdays in a row, with Saturday being tomorrow (never mind the fact that we did do a full day’s worth of school yesterday and completed all of today’s so that we could really have an extra day off today).

Normally, this is my kind of situation. I love being forced to not leave the house. All activities cancelled and all my family home – love it. But even I am beginning to go a bit stir-crazy.

Stir-crazy for me manifests itself by starting a gazillion things and leaving them mid-completion and moving on to something else. I tend to operate that way anyway, but on a day like today I operate like that times 50: I’ve started laundry, started scrapbooking, started contacting Navigator collegiate ministries to send them the link to my verse pack page, started brainstorming about three different (but all legitimate) ways to get to the conference this July, started cleaning the girls’ room, started weeding through their crazy-out-of-control book stash again, started our Sabbath meal for tomorrow, started, started, started.

Completed nothing.

I think maybe I need to start a movie or something. That, I might complete.