One Everything

Super E4

Lately we’ve been listening a lot to Here Come The 123s from They Might Be Giants. From the third song:

“There’s only one everything
Remember these words
There’s only one everything
And if you go out and count up everything
It all adds up to one”

This post is a random assortment of things that all add up to one; that is, one major jumble in my brain (we really like the album, by the way – personal favorites are One Dozen Monkeys and High Five!).

1. So I’ve mentioned we went through a period of fasting over some issues. It seems we’ve come to a few conclusions regarding those and, while I’m not sure I’m exactly EXCITED about the conclusions, I am at peace. And right now, peace is enough.

2. Switching workspaces with Craig last week, I’ve been a lot more crafty this week, but now the bedroom is in serious need of an overhaul because I’ve got little stacks, big stacks, and random piles in between (it’s a disease, you know). But, according to our family scrapbook, I’m done with my history class and Craig is through Greek. We’re also well into our first fall semester, and Millie is about to turn into 2. Good times.

3. I keep working away on my crazy quilt and have really been enjoying doing it by hand. I hauled the basket to a gathering tonight and sewed while talking. I’ve always needed something to attend to while in a social gathering (it used to be small babies, but for the past several years I’ve not had anything to hide behind; now it’s my sewing basket). I process better when I’m working on something and actually participated more in the conversation because I had a physical distraction.

4. I’ve been going through a biblical worldview curriculum with the girls for the past several weeks and have absolutely loved it. It was developed by Summit Ministries in Colorado. I found out about it from some friends of ours on staff with Summit, and bought it last fall when I was working on the worldview stuff for GWP. It wasn’t what I needed for that project, but I was still impressed with what they did and decided to go through it with the girls. It’s totally the worldview education I never got. Good stuff.

5. That’s all.  I’m going to bed now. Night!