Postmodern Preschooler, or Just Well-Read?

Assignment: Color (I changed this to circle) the item on the right which belongs with the one on the left.


Cow Jumps Over the Moon

Why the cow and not the stars? Because the cow jumped over the moon. Of course.
Works for me.


Craft of the Week

Zipper Bags

I’ve been making these little zipper bags lately. I’m totally addicted to them now. They are so cute and so easy and they turned the mess inside my purse into a pretty fun place (for me) to see. I got the idea from The Simple Wife Handmade (she has a bunch of really cute zippy purses for sale right now). I then followed the tutorial guide from here.

I made several for my purse to hold sets of things that usually all fall to the bottom in a heap.

What's in the bag?

I’ve got one for all things financial; my checkbook, wallet, calculator, loose change, ect. Another holds a couple of notepads and my pens. Another is for all the plastic cards I need for various places (Blockbuster, Oberweis, etc.), and another holds all things girly, including, but not limited to lip gloss and errant hairbands.

The final look makes me smile really big. But then again, it doesn’t take much.

An Organized Purse

I had to go to Walmart today and while there, stocked up on zippers (my first two bags were made from some old zippers I had in a box, circa 1977). I have a feeling my scrapbook is now on hold.