Crafting Gone Bad

Last week I made a cute pincushion for myself out of some of my fun scraps. I didn’t bother to look up a tutorial or anything – it was a pincushion, for crying out loud – how hard can it be?

Turns out that I should maybe have looked up a tutorial because I did something terribly wrong. Everytime I pick it up I get poked from the underside. I’ve learned to be careful when picking it up, but then there was today… I was in the process of restoring order to my bedroom/newly repurposed craft area. It is in desperate need of having order restored. I wasn’t wearing any shoes. The phone rang and I moved quickly to get it and that’s where this story goes bad. The pincushion was upside down on my floor and I didn’t know it. I put my full body weight down on my left foot which was directly on top of this pincushion. I learned firsthand that acupuncture is best reserved for professionals.

The pain was so tremendous (you can imagine, 45 sewing pins and one needle forced quickly and directly into the bottom of your foot) that in my haste to get my foot off the floor I fell forwards, knocking my glasses off my face, losing a lens and a screw and still had the pincushion stuck into my foot.

This was when Maddie came into the room, with the phone which she had just answered (thankfully it was Craig – I was yelling something fierce), saw me face down on the floor with my glasses all a mess and my foot in the air, with a pincushion stuck into it. This should be good for at least one session of her future therapy.

I’m still hobbling around the house. It hurts so much to walk on it. Sometimes I have a head made out of totally mushy melon. I need a new pincushion.


A List

  • Took the Music and Theology class over the weekend. Listened to a lot of emo-ish type music. Didn’t really care that much for emo-ish type music.
  • Have a music discussion project to do that I’m going to invite you to join me on. Details to come.
  • Saw the Bodyworlds exhibit on its last weekend in St. Louis. Was interested but not particularly overly-amazed. Weird.
  • Finished the window treatments I began last August for Chloe’s birthday. My dad hung them for me yesterday and I said, “Happy Birthday!” again to Chloe.
  • My dad also taught Katie how to tie her shoes. Making the task of learning to tie shoes a job of my dad’s was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.
  • Went fabric shopping with my mom. Got fabric to make Easter dresses for all the girls, a new dress for me, a skirt for me, and all the necessary supplies to teach Maddie how to make her own shorts set. Now must begin those projects.
  • Balanced our checkbook tonight. Finally got it down to the penny and I can sleep in peace.
  • Am wondering if we’re really going to get all the snow predicted to come our way soon.
  • Checked out five movies from the library just in case.
  • Taking Maddie to the eye doctor again on Wednesday. She most likely needs an upgraded prescription. She most likely inherited my terrible eye-sight.
  • Listened to Craig substitute-lead worship at an interesting CMA church plant on Sunday. He did a great job. The church…was interesting. Reminded me of some of our past church experiences and sort of why we’re in the PCA now.
  • Still have no clue who to vote for in November. Honestly couldn’t care less right now.
  • Beginning to worry a bit about our status with the IRS. We’ve always gotten a pretty big refund in the past, but my payments this fall were not taxed. We still don’t know where we stand and I’m beginning to worry. But just a bit.
  • Went to a coffee shop last week to sew with a gal I met on a craft board. Enjoyed the time very much and plan to do it again.
  • Remembered I really like raspberry steamers. Probably haven’t had one in 3.5 years. Wondered why I forgot.
  • Ramble-wrote a very long list. Not sure why I did it. Not sure anyone wants to read it.
  • Going to bed. Night.