Strike Three – I’m Out.

I had three pseudo-goals for tonight: 1) to begin writing something I need to write, 2) to make candles for a friend’s upcoming wedding, and 3) to cut out the girls’ Easter dresses.

I began with the dresses. I got out the pattern and cut out the appropriate pieces and then remembered that that pattern did not come in the correct sizes when I bought it last week, so I have to resize it which means measuring the girls first. And they are in bed. Strike one.

I moved on to the candles. I haven’t made any candles since we moved off-campus over a year ago, so I’d lost track of my supplies. I’m missing an important ingredient and need to go to Hobby Lobby to get it. Hobby Lobby, of course, is not open at 9:45 at night. Strike two.

Then I took another look at the writing assignment which I received last Friday and was given two weeks to do. I need more clarification before I begin and didn’t realize that until just now. Strike three.

I don’t know, guess I’ll go to bed or something like the rest of my family. Sigh.