Craft of the Week

Sweet Pea and Vanilla

Our friend, Lou, is getting married on Saturday. The funny thing about our relationship with Lou is that we first met her at Eagle Lake Camp a loooonnnnggggg time ago when she was in high school and we were much younger too. We lost track after many years and then bumped into each other again here in St. Louis, where we now go to the same church. I love stuff like that.
Anyway, she asked me last week if I would sell her some candles she could use as gifts for folks in her wedding. I said how about I make you some candles and it becomes our wedding gift to you? It was a win-win.

Her colors are off-white and lime green with a bit of pink, but she didn’t tell me the colors when she asked for the candles. She didn’t care. So I found out from someone else and came up with these. Here’s a closer picture:


I mixed the scents of Sweet Pea and Vanilla and yum. They smell great. I kept one (but it was one I goofed on, so I wouldn’t have given it to her anyway).

The funny thing about these is that I didn’t mean to make them three-toned. I meant to make them off-white/green/off-white. When I went to mix up the top layer, I didn’t realize I still had a bit of the green wax left in the pot. I put the ivory color in like I normally would have, but it mixed with the left-over green and gave me the lighter green for the top layer. And I really loved it. Good mistake, that.

But I did learn a hard lesson yesterday: it is never a good idea to pour very hot wax into a very cold jar. If you do it anyway and you hear a cracking sound, it is never never a good idea to pick up the jar that cracked with the hot wax still in liquid form still inside. Because if you do that, you just might end up with a whole heck of a lot of wax just about everywhere. Don’t ask me how I know this.

So that completes this not-very-weekly installment of my own “Craft of the Week.” Next up: Easter dresses. One down, three to go!