Tea in a Coffee Pot

We’re not big coffee drinkers; in fact, Craig isn’t a coffee drinker at all, and I’m still in process (I consider myself to be a social (coffee) drinker). So we have the free Gevalia pot for when we have company or when I do something unusual and get up really early (and incidentally, I always, always, always have to look up the measurement on the Internet; I have no idea why I can’t remember how much coffee to put in to make a pot). In short, the pot wasn’t getting used very much.

Enter the tea idea. I figured if you could make coffee in a coffee pot, why not tea? I fill the coffee thing with water, take a bag of my favorite tea and put it in the (what’s that called – pot? pitcher?) glass part that pours, and push the “on” button.

The tea steeps as it goes and one bag makes a whole pot of tea. What’s more, my two oldest kids know how to make tea in the coffee pot, so when they want some (and we are raising them to be hot tea drinkers), they just go in there and make it happen.

Sure, I may be the last one on the planet to think to do this, but that’s okay. I’m posting it anyway.