Okay, true confessions here: this isn’t a craft blog. Sometimes I totally wish I were as inspired as many of the craft bloggers who exist out there, but it just isn’t happening around here. I’m certainly still in my season of sewing, but I also certainly know that it will eventually come to a screeching halt. Until then, I check my stats and see that almost 1,000 ladies have now seen half of our Easter dresses and I scratch my head. I will confess – that was kind of fun. But I can’t post cute, inspired stuff like that everyday because I don’t come up with cute, inspired stuff like that everyday.

Other projects in the works include the crazy quilt which is still my number one cure for the restless hand syndrome I suddenly develop whenever we watch movies. I also made a couple of cute and fuzzy baby burp rags and some appliqued onesies for baby gifts this week. My next project needs to be applying proper postage to said gifts and getting them in the hands of the postmaster.

I will finish the final Easter dress and cardigan tomorrow and then I will resume the making of verse packs because I had several orders come in this week that I need to fill.

Other than that, it’s life as usual. I’m dealing with the battle of my desk again, laundry that got unsystematized sometime during the last 6 weeks, and the eternal question regarding what in the world will we be doing for school next year? My heart really wants to continue to homeschool until the girls reach the age where they can enter Craig’s school. My finances tell me that even purchasing curriculum for next year may not be an option for us and the alternative to that isn’t something I’m closed to, but neither is it something I’m ready to embrace either.
We have three gals staying with us this weekend for the wedding of our friend, Lou. We’ve only had snippets of time to visit with them, but those snippets have been fun as we’ve connected some relational dots between where we are here, the Navigators, friends from Nebraska, and even Caron (Caron, Kate is going to play the keyboard and sing in the morning – wish you were here!).

So that’s that for this entry into our weekend. Here’s hoping for the continued emergence of spring. If it snows again (like we heard it might), my kids are going to seriously cry.