Music Discussion: Wayfaring Stranger by Neko Case

Today’s pick for the music discussion comes from Kate. Feel free to continue the discussion on other songs as we begin new song threads.

Neko Case: Wayfaring Stranger
I am a poor wayfaring stranger
A-traveling thru this world below
But there’s no sickness, toil, or danger
In that bright land to which I go
I’m going there to see my Father
I’m going there no more to roam
I’m just a-going over Jordan
I’m just a-going over home
I am a poor wayfaring stranger
A-traveling thru this world below
But there’s no sickness, toil, or danger
In that bright land to which I go
I’m going there to see my mother
She said she’d meet me when I come
I’m just a-going over Jordan
I’m just a-going over home
I’m just a-going over home
I’m just a-going over home


Music Discussion: Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

It’s time to begin the music discussion week. Our first song was submitted by Caron. There are officially five of us participating, but if you are familiar with the song, please join in.
I’ll post the lyrics and simply leave the comments open for discussion.

Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire
Sleeping is giving in,
 no matter what the time is.
Sleeping is giving in,
 so lift those heavy eyelids.
People say that you’ll die
faster than without water.
But we know it’s just a lie,
scare your son, scare your daughter.
People say that your dreams
are the only things that save ya.
Come on baby in our dreams,
we can live our misbehavior.
Every time you close your eyes
 Lies, Lies!
People try and hide the night
underneath the covers.
People try and hide the light
underneath the covers.
Come on hide your lovers
underneath the covers,
come on hide your lovers
underneath the covers.
Hidin’ from your brothers
underneath the covers,
come on hide your lovers
underneath the covers.
People say that you’ll die
faster than without water,
but we know it’s just a lie,
scare your son, scare your daughter,
Scare your son, scare your daughter.
Now here’s the sun, it’s alright! (Lies!)
Now here’s the moon, it’s alright! (Lies!)
Now here’s the sun, it’s alright! (Lies!)
Now here’s the moon it’s alright (Lies!)
But every time you close your eyes. (Lies!)



For the record, I know that Easter is next Sunday. We won’t be here next Sunday, so I let the girls wear them today. I’m planning to make them some matching zippy purses for their Easter baskets. After that, I’m officially done with this fabric and will give the rest of it to the girls to have their way with (Maddie is making her own version of a crazy quilt for her Kit doll – she’s been begging me for scraps for the past two weeks!).

Now then, to find my bedroom underneath the crafting leftovers…


Okay, true confessions here: this isn’t a craft blog. Sometimes I totally wish I were as inspired as many of the craft bloggers who exist out there, but it just isn’t happening around here. I’m certainly still in my season of sewing, but I also certainly know that it will eventually come to a screeching halt. Until then, I check my stats and see that almost 1,000 ladies have now seen half of our Easter dresses and I scratch my head. I will confess – that was kind of fun. But I can’t post cute, inspired stuff like that everyday because I don’t come up with cute, inspired stuff like that everyday.

Other projects in the works include the crazy quilt which is still my number one cure for the restless hand syndrome I suddenly develop whenever we watch movies. I also made a couple of cute and fuzzy baby burp rags and some appliqued onesies for baby gifts this week. My next project needs to be applying proper postage to said gifts and getting them in the hands of the postmaster.

I will finish the final Easter dress and cardigan tomorrow and then I will resume the making of verse packs because I had several orders come in this week that I need to fill.

Other than that, it’s life as usual. I’m dealing with the battle of my desk again, laundry that got unsystematized sometime during the last 6 weeks, and the eternal question regarding what in the world will we be doing for school next year? My heart really wants to continue to homeschool until the girls reach the age where they can enter Craig’s school. My finances tell me that even purchasing curriculum for next year may not be an option for us and the alternative to that isn’t something I’m closed to, but neither is it something I’m ready to embrace either.
We have three gals staying with us this weekend for the wedding of our friend, Lou. We’ve only had snippets of time to visit with them, but those snippets have been fun as we’ve connected some relational dots between where we are here, the Navigators, friends from Nebraska, and even Caron (Caron, Kate is going to play the keyboard and sing in the morning – wish you were here!).

So that’s that for this entry into our weekend. Here’s hoping for the continued emergence of spring. If it snows again (like we heard it might), my kids are going to seriously cry.

Tea in a Coffee Pot

We’re not big coffee drinkers; in fact, Craig isn’t a coffee drinker at all, and I’m still in process (I consider myself to be a social (coffee) drinker). So we have the free Gevalia pot for when we have company or when I do something unusual and get up really early (and incidentally, I always, always, always have to look up the measurement on the Internet; I have no idea why I can’t remember how much coffee to put in to make a pot). In short, the pot wasn’t getting used very much.

Enter the tea idea. I figured if you could make coffee in a coffee pot, why not tea? I fill the coffee thing with water, take a bag of my favorite tea and put it in the (what’s that called – pot? pitcher?) glass part that pours, and push the “on” button.

The tea steeps as it goes and one bag makes a whole pot of tea. What’s more, my two oldest kids know how to make tea in the coffee pot, so when they want some (and we are raising them to be hot tea drinkers), they just go in there and make it happen.

Sure, I may be the last one on the planet to think to do this, but that’s okay. I’m posting it anyway.

Craft of the Week

Sweet Pea and Vanilla

Our friend, Lou, is getting married on Saturday. The funny thing about our relationship with Lou is that we first met her at Eagle Lake Camp a loooonnnnggggg time ago when she was in high school and we were much younger too. We lost track after many years and then bumped into each other again here in St. Louis, where we now go to the same church. I love stuff like that.
Anyway, she asked me last week if I would sell her some candles she could use as gifts for folks in her wedding. I said how about I make you some candles and it becomes our wedding gift to you? It was a win-win.

Her colors are off-white and lime green with a bit of pink, but she didn’t tell me the colors when she asked for the candles. She didn’t care. So I found out from someone else and came up with these. Here’s a closer picture:


I mixed the scents of Sweet Pea and Vanilla and yum. They smell great. I kept one (but it was one I goofed on, so I wouldn’t have given it to her anyway).

The funny thing about these is that I didn’t mean to make them three-toned. I meant to make them off-white/green/off-white. When I went to mix up the top layer, I didn’t realize I still had a bit of the green wax left in the pot. I put the ivory color in like I normally would have, but it mixed with the left-over green and gave me the lighter green for the top layer. And I really loved it. Good mistake, that.

But I did learn a hard lesson yesterday: it is never a good idea to pour very hot wax into a very cold jar. If you do it anyway and you hear a cracking sound, it is never never a good idea to pick up the jar that cracked with the hot wax still in liquid form still inside. Because if you do that, you just might end up with a whole heck of a lot of wax just about everywhere. Don’t ask me how I know this.

So that completes this not-very-weekly installment of my own “Craft of the Week.” Next up: Easter dresses. One down, three to go!

Strike Three – I’m Out.

I had three pseudo-goals for tonight: 1) to begin writing something I need to write, 2) to make candles for a friend’s upcoming wedding, and 3) to cut out the girls’ Easter dresses.

I began with the dresses. I got out the pattern and cut out the appropriate pieces and then remembered that that pattern did not come in the correct sizes when I bought it last week, so I have to resize it which means measuring the girls first. And they are in bed. Strike one.

I moved on to the candles. I haven’t made any candles since we moved off-campus over a year ago, so I’d lost track of my supplies. I’m missing an important ingredient and need to go to Hobby Lobby to get it. Hobby Lobby, of course, is not open at 9:45 at night. Strike two.

Then I took another look at the writing assignment which I received last Friday and was given two weeks to do. I need more clarification before I begin and didn’t realize that until just now. Strike three.

I don’t know, guess I’ll go to bed or something like the rest of my family. Sigh.

Our Optical Illusion

Our oldest daughter got her first pair of glasses about this time last year. One year later, her eyes have gotten worse and she needs an upgrade. I was thinking it would make more sense, both financially as well as just in terms of unnecessary waste, to simply have her lenses upgraded. The couple of places I’ve called, though, are telling me it’s cheaper to buy a whole new pair of glasses.

Why is this? And is it true? Do any of you know of any places that will do a lens upgrade for less than an entire new pair? I’m a bit frustrated. We all really like the way her current glasses look on her and would just like to keep the same frames. But I’m not exactly willing to pay more for less in this case either. Thoughts?

Crafting Gone Bad

Last week I made a cute pincushion for myself out of some of my fun scraps. I didn’t bother to look up a tutorial or anything – it was a pincushion, for crying out loud – how hard can it be?

Turns out that I should maybe have looked up a tutorial because I did something terribly wrong. Everytime I pick it up I get poked from the underside. I’ve learned to be careful when picking it up, but then there was today… I was in the process of restoring order to my bedroom/newly repurposed craft area. It is in desperate need of having order restored. I wasn’t wearing any shoes. The phone rang and I moved quickly to get it and that’s where this story goes bad. The pincushion was upside down on my floor and I didn’t know it. I put my full body weight down on my left foot which was directly on top of this pincushion. I learned firsthand that acupuncture is best reserved for professionals.

The pain was so tremendous (you can imagine, 45 sewing pins and one needle forced quickly and directly into the bottom of your foot) that in my haste to get my foot off the floor I fell forwards, knocking my glasses off my face, losing a lens and a screw and still had the pincushion stuck into my foot.

This was when Maddie came into the room, with the phone which she had just answered (thankfully it was Craig – I was yelling something fierce), saw me face down on the floor with my glasses all a mess and my foot in the air, with a pincushion stuck into it. This should be good for at least one session of her future therapy.

I’m still hobbling around the house. It hurts so much to walk on it. Sometimes I have a head made out of totally mushy melon. I need a new pincushion.

A List

  • Took the Music and Theology class over the weekend. Listened to a lot of emo-ish type music. Didn’t really care that much for emo-ish type music.
  • Have a music discussion project to do that I’m going to invite you to join me on. Details to come.
  • Saw the Bodyworlds exhibit on its last weekend in St. Louis. Was interested but not particularly overly-amazed. Weird.
  • Finished the window treatments I began last August for Chloe’s birthday. My dad hung them for me yesterday and I said, “Happy Birthday!” again to Chloe.
  • My dad also taught Katie how to tie her shoes. Making the task of learning to tie shoes a job of my dad’s was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.
  • Went fabric shopping with my mom. Got fabric to make Easter dresses for all the girls, a new dress for me, a skirt for me, and all the necessary supplies to teach Maddie how to make her own shorts set. Now must begin those projects.
  • Balanced our checkbook tonight. Finally got it down to the penny and I can sleep in peace.
  • Am wondering if we’re really going to get all the snow predicted to come our way soon.
  • Checked out five movies from the library just in case.
  • Taking Maddie to the eye doctor again on Wednesday. She most likely needs an upgraded prescription. She most likely inherited my terrible eye-sight.
  • Listened to Craig substitute-lead worship at an interesting CMA church plant on Sunday. He did a great job. The church…was interesting. Reminded me of some of our past church experiences and sort of why we’re in the PCA now.
  • Still have no clue who to vote for in November. Honestly couldn’t care less right now.
  • Beginning to worry a bit about our status with the IRS. We’ve always gotten a pretty big refund in the past, but my payments this fall were not taxed. We still don’t know where we stand and I’m beginning to worry. But just a bit.
  • Went to a coffee shop last week to sew with a gal I met on a craft board. Enjoyed the time very much and plan to do it again.
  • Remembered I really like raspberry steamers. Probably haven’t had one in 3.5 years. Wondered why I forgot.
  • Ramble-wrote a very long list. Not sure why I did it. Not sure anyone wants to read it.
  • Going to bed. Night.