Educate This

We’re all at the table right now working on various aspects of schooling. Katie has some reversal issues I’m working with her on and she gets frustrated when I make her do them again until she gets the numbers or letters in the right direction. Many times the numbers are flipped in a mirror-like reversal; other times, two digit numbers are reversed, so I have her erase them and write them again.

Just now, after she wrote numbers 1-24, I read them back and explained that the way she wrote them read, ” 11, 12, 13, 14, 51, 61, etc.” I told her we needed to do them again and she said, “This isn’t fair. Why do I keep having to do this?” I explained it was part of learning and she needed to be able to write and read the numbers in the proper direction. She said, “Are you trying to make me be just like everybody else?” Ummm, no, Katie, I’m trying to teach you how to READ.

Are we really having these conversations this early?

Then, not one minute later, Millie shows us all her leg, Rockette-style saying, “Guess what? I’m right footed!”

Good to know.